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Welcome to Apiam Animal Health

Apiam Animal Health is comprised of Australia’s leading Production Animal and Mixed Animal veterinary practices.

Apiam Animal Health incorporates over 150 highly experienced, industry leading veterinarians with expertise across the pig, dairy, feedlot, sheep, poultry, equine, and companion animal sectors, supported by an experienced administration, nursing, technical services and ancillary team.

Apiam Animal Health is fully vertically integrated, including having veterinary wholesale, diagnostics laboratories, custom vaccines, logistics, and other ancillary services.

The name Apiam Animal Health and the logo for the company were inspired by the honey bee, which belongs to the Genus Apis.

Bees are symbolic of a team working towards a common goal. They are seen as industrious, hard-working characteristics: creating wonderfully efficient, meticulous, hexagonal hives. Hexagons form a repetitive pattern, common in nature due to scalability while maintaining their robustness and strength.

It is Apiam Animal Health’s goal that all clinics, businesses and employee’s will work together towards a common goal, developing its team and building a successful, inspiring and strong company.

Veterinary Services

Under the Fur Life Vet banner our mixed practice and dedicated companion animal clinics provide exceptional services for domestic pets including the Best Mates Program. Our mixed practice clinics and production animal services focus on delivering proactive herd health management with service areas such as the best-in-class ProDairy Partnership Program.



Telemedicine, hi-resolution remote video headgear, innovative health management apps for production animals systems, benchmarking databases and herd management software. Including DataPig health monitoring, Dairy Data, Farm Data, Farm Cash.


Extensive real-time diagnostics in-clinic, and our specialist laboratory, ACE Laboratory Services focussed on veterinary diagnostics, feed testing and the creation of farm specific autogenous vaccines.  Accreditation and compliance by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). 

Warehousing & Logistics

Four strategically located warehouses, Bendigo VIC, Toowoomba QLD, Smithton TAS and Welshpool WA including both dry and chilled climate controlled storage. As Australia’s largest on-farm delivery service of veterinary, husbandry and genetic products, Apiam Logistics provides reliable, real-time monitored temperature controlled product delivery. 


General animal health products are available through Country Vet and West Vet. ProDairy and Apiam Direct platforms provide best practice supply compliance systems for our veterinary clients including tracked on-farm delivery. Zoonovet provides information on new disinfectant and sanitiser technologies. Eartags.com.au and cattle-tags.com.au are a leading supplier in livestock identification systems.