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Sun, Surf, The Outback,
Aussie Wildlife

Take your veterinary career Down Under!

Experience the best that rural and regional Australia can offer. Working as a veterinarian in Apiam’s rural and regional clinic locations give you access to some of the best countryside that you might not see as a tourist.

Apiam’s careers team is here to support your migration journey

From matching your skills and experience to the right clinic and providing expert visa advice, to introducing you from afar to new colleagues and familiarising you with the local town and community. By the time you arrive, you will feel like you know us already!

Locum Work

  • Apiam Roving Regional Locum
    • For international vets seeking a working holiday year in Australia.
    • 3, 6, or 12 month options available.
    • Ultimate flexibility – Choose locations, how much working, how much holidaying!
    • We work with you to identify the type of practice, mix of work and regional/rural locations of interest to you.
    • Must have vet degree that is eligible to be registered to practice in Australia without further examination.
    • Competitive hourly rates paid.
    • Assistance with visa.
    • Accommodation arranged at each location.
    • Board registration fees paid.
  • Casual Locum
    • From a week to a month or two, casual locum work is available in many locations throughout the year.
    • Experienced dairy vets, mixed vets and companion vets always welcome.
Our Scenic Rim Equine Clinic
Our Scenic Rim Equine Clinic

Permanent Positions

Apiam offers permanent positions to suitably qualified and experienced international veterinarians and provides full support for the migration process.

Positions range from associate veterinarian roles in mixed and companion animal practices to senior leadership positions in clinics.

Enjoy all the benefits of being part of the Apiam Animal Health group of rural and regional clinics.


Visa Information

  • Apiam’s careers team is very experienced with the migration process. We work closely with skilled migration advisors so that the entire process is stress free.
  • Several options exist for veterinarians seeking work in Australia. You are welcome to contact our team to discuss which visa options are best for your situation.
  • Apiam is an approved visa sponsor and holds Accredited status for sponsorship with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. This status means that Apiam benefits from faster processing of your nomination and visa application for Temporary Skills Shortage 482 visas.

Registration as a Veterinarian in Australia

For an information booklet on registering and working as a veterinarian in Australia, and to find out if your degree is about to be registered in Australia, visit the Australasian Veterinary Boards’ Council website.

Support for Australasian Veterinary Examination (AVE) Candidates in Australia

If your veterinary degree is not recognised by AVBC, the Australasian Veterinary Examinations is a pathway to recognition in Australia.

Apiam has positions available for AVE candidates who have successfully passed the Preliminary (MCQ) Examination and been granted specific or limited registration allowin you to practice under supervision whilst studying for the clinical examinations.

You will work in a clinic with experienced vets to mentor you and support your skills development.

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