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Veterinary Student Induction Handbook

A guide to your clinical placement at Apiam Animal Health.

This concise booklet contains all the information you need to ensure your placement at one of our Apiam Animal Health clinics is a rewarding educational experience.

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Privacy Statement

Apiam intends to use the information you have provided in this form for a number of purposes, including referrals regarding job offers, references regarding your work placement and, if consented to above, sending electronic notices regarding our student e-newsletter. Your personal information may also be provided to third parties for the provision of first aid and medical treatment performed by third parties outside of Apiam’s control. In accordance with all relevant laws, Apiam may provide you with details of your student placement, notices or correspondence to you by electronic communication using the details provided above. If you no longer wish to receive any communications from Apiam, including the student e-newsletter, please notify us by way of email to