Feedlot Services

Feedlot Veterinary Services

Monitoring, training, reporting, design and evidence-based advice are the cornerstones of Apiam Animal Health’s Feedlot services. Our team of highly experienced veterianrians have extensive knowledge, and a wide, diverse skill for effective problem solving and the maintenance of optimum health and performance.

Feedlot health and performance benchmarking is a key service offering with our database currently analysing the performance of over of 650,000 feeder cattle.


Onsite Veterinary Services

Comprehensive herd health and welfare monitoring with regular feedlot visits. State of the art hi-resolution headgear for remote video assessments.


Health Management Plans

Management strategies and cattle health and welfare protocols to achieve animal production goals.


Reporting and Analysis

Evaluation of health performance through data collection and analysis.


Product Support

Product advice and efficient, temperature controlled farm-gate supply across vaccines, medications and implants.


Staff Training

Tailored education across handling, pen riding and diagnostics and health assessment and treatment.


Facility Design

Innovative feedlot infrastructure design to improve cattle handling and the wellbeing of both the cattle and caregivers.


International Research

International research and participation in industry leading projects to further compliment existing knowledge and practices.

Autogenous Vaccines

Apiam owned veterinary diagnostics laboratory including autogenous vaccine creation where commercial options do not exist.