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Foal Ambulance Launches

Apiam Animal Health embraces innovation and continually assesses how we deliver our services to maximise outcomes for our animal patients and their owners. Our equine vets understand the the importance of early intervention, particularly in new born foals requiring veterinary care. Our Foal Ambulance, recently launched in central Victoria, is an example of this innovative, […]

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Livestock Logic certified by Paraboss QA Program

This program sends samples that have a known Eggs Per Gram of faeces and this tests both the methods of preparation of the samples, and the accuracy of the staff who read counts and provide results.

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Stockhead: How Apiam is using technology to revolutionise regional vet care

Stockhead’s latest interview with Apiam Animal Health’s CEO Chris Richards explores our new after hours Teletriage system.

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Apiam Animal Health offers online pet consultation

Pet owners can now have initial consultations with their vet on their smartphone or tablet using video technology.
One of Australia’s largest veterinary service providers, Apiam Animal Health, has rolled out its telemedicine service across 21 sites around the country.

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