Why join us?

Apiam Animal Health offers a range of professional veterinary and support roles that allow you to choose a location that suits your lifestyle (inland rivers, beaches, alpine regions and outback Australia) and an employment type (full time, part time and casual) to meet your changing life commitments.

Get paid to work in an industry you are passionate about and paid to build new skills – a guaranteed win win situation.

Employee Reward & Recognition

We recognise employees who have gone above and beyond – no matter what your role is within Apiam; we provide a range of formal in informal rewards and recognition for our employees.

Training & Development Opportunities

Apiam encourage and support employees to further develop their skills through both professional development and on the job learning. To support our employees’ development and long term career, we provide access to internal and external training, foster mentoring within our teams, and encourage our employees to gain experience from working in other Apiam clinics.

Strong Team & Supportive Environment

Teamwork is fundamental to Apiam. Our goal is to ensure all clinics, businesses and employees work together to achieve a common goal, to develop every member of our team, and to build a successful, inspiring and strong company.

Employee Assistance

Our employees and their immediate families have access to our Employment Assistance Program (EAP). Our EAP promotes early intervention by providing support and coaching for employees and their family members for a wide range of issues, to assist individuals in resolving these issues before they impact adversely on their health and wellbeing.