Deni Beef Meet

November 2019


with Provenir

Monday 11 November 2019 at 6.30 PM

  • What is a mobile abattoir?
  • What are the benefits of processing on-farm?
  • Could mobile processing fit into my farming operation?


Phil Larwill Meat inspector / Veterinarian

Date & Time

Monday 11th November at 6.30 pm


$30 pp non beef-members includes a meal and drinks at bar prices


The Coach House 99 End Street Deniliquin.


Email: anna.doherty@sr-vets.com.au

Phil Larwill is a qualified meat inspector and veterinarian, who has worked predominantly in mixed practice in central Victoria for 30 years after graduating from the Melbourne vet school.

A period working in Mexico as an Australian volunteer convinced him of the benefits of social enterprise and diverse agricultural production systems.

His work on mobile abattoirs over the last five years has been motivated by concerns about animal welfare in industrial abattoirs, reduced farmer access to livestock processing, meat quality, and the sustainability of agricultural practices, particularly in light of climate change pressures.

Australians expect high standards of animal welfare to be maintained throughout an animal’s life, and that includes in the days and hours before slaughter.

Mobile abattoirs have been operating in various overseas countries for up to fifteen years. They can offer improvements in animal welfare pre-slaughter, farm profitability, traceability from farm to fork, and meat quality. After 25 years in rural practice witnessing hardworking producers lose control of their quality livestock in the highly consolidated and commoditised meat processing industry, Phil was determined to bring mobile abattoirs to Australia.

In June 2019 Phil and his co-founders launched Provenir – Australia’s first, and only mobile abattoir, now operating in the Riverina region of NSW.

I know we can do better. Join me as we explore the concept of commercial on-farm processing, the benefits for farmers, and the benefits for livestock as they spend one more day on the farm.

Phil Larwill