Equine Veterinary Services

Apiam Animal Health Equine Veterinary Services are provided by all our Mixed Practice Clinics across Australia.

Plus with our two purpose-built Equine Centres (Warrnambool in Western Victoria and Maffra in Gippsland), Apiam’s equine credentials are well founded.

Equine Services are provided via Apiam mixed-practice clinics and via our two purpose-built equine facilities.

Gippsland Equine Hospital

Apiam’s Gippsland Equine Hospital was opened in July 2011. Gippsland Equine Hospital is a purpose built hospital complete with operating theatre, stables, crush, day yards and paddocks.

Gippsland Equine Hospital has surgery facilities that enable safe anaesthesia and recovery of horses in a special padded room adjacent to a purpose built surgical suite. There is a set of stocks that allows dental, minor surgical and reproductive procedures to be undertaken under cover.

Southwest Equine Veterinary Group

Launched in 2017, Southwest Equine moved into their purpose built premises in Warrnambool’s racing precinct in 2018. A partnership between Apiam Animal Health and Ballarat Veterinary Practice Southwest Equine provides equine expertise for racing stables, studs, and all levels of horse enthusiasts. Southwest Equine provides a full ambulatory and in-clinic equine veterinary service including:
State-of-the-art DR mobile xray, scope, dental care, muscular, skeletal and reproductive ultrasound, general health care and lameness exams.


Ambulatory Services

Our veterinary team offer a comprehensive range of equine health services at client’s properties and at our purpose built facilites in either Maffra or Warrnambool.


Equine Dentals

Equine dental services performed by experienced vets with  Powerfloat for optimum assessment, diagnosis and treatment including sedation and pain relief as required.


Gastroscopy and Endoscopy

State of the art diagnostics for assessment of upper respiratory conditions and inflammatory conditions.  Gastroscopy for assessment of gastric ulcers.



Our Gippsland facility services include artifical insemmination with fresh, chilled, and frozen semen. Embryo transfer with recipient mare herd available for hire.


Lameness Examinations

Comprehensive lameness examinations with diagnostic imaging via radiology and ultrasound. 


Foaling Down

The team at the Gippsland Equine Hospital offer a foaling down services with mares housed in extra large foaling boxes under 24 hour video monitoring.



The in-house diagnostics for our equine clients are supported by Apiam’s ACE Laboratory Services.