Genetic Services

Apiam Genetic Services

Our Genetics team are here to help you with all your artificial breeding requirements – Semen and Embryo collection for clients in Australia or overseas.

Apiam Genetic Services is Australia’s premier artificial breeding company. The Apiam Genetic Service’s team are committed to ensuring our clients achieve their breeding goals and economic success. Apiam Genetic Services, has experience in over 30 breeds of sheep and goats in over 12 countries.

Pork Storks Australia

Quality semen direct from centre to farm Pork Storks Australia is the leader in pig semen processing and delivery systems in Australia. Established in 2004, Pork Storks Australia operate state-of-the-art semen processing facilities in Australia.

Pork Storks Australia was established to provide Australian pig producers similar levels of technologies to those that are available in the USA and Europe in assisted reproduction. The Pork Storks system has been specifically designed to minimise those risk factors that are known to reduce fertility, as well as optimise technologies that are known to improve boar fertility and semen integrity.

Servicing Gene Transfer Centres located in Victoria and Queensland, Pork Storks operate a network of temperature-controlled vehicles that deliver high quality semen direct from the centres to farm gate in the pig breeding regions of Australia.

Pork Storks Australia exclusively provides services for leading genetics company PIC Australia.


Semen Collection & Storage

Apiam Genetic Services provides a complete semen service including collection, storage, dispatch and sales.


Inventory Management

Apiam Genetic Services has in-house printing and identification systems that allow each ejaculate to be tracked. 


Quality Assurance

All semen collected is rigorously tested to meetto meet strict standards of our third party audited quality systems.



Technology that is not available on site at any other Sheep and Goat Semen Collection centre in Australia.



Ultrasound pregnancy testing. Foetal sexing. Synchrony programs. Calving. Artificial insemination.


Sheep & Goats

Semen collection, embryo transfer, obstetrical work, ultrasound pregnancy testing.



Vaginal AI. Transcervical insemination. Surgical insemination. Pregnancy Ultrasounds. Semen evaluation. Caesarean sections.



Semen collection and storage. Fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination. Embryo transfer.  Recipient mare herd. Foaling down service.



Fresh semen collected, processed and delivered in temperature controlled real-time monitored vans direct to farm. Quality Assured using latest semen evaluation technology such as Computer-Assisted-Semen-Analysis (CASA) technology on all semen.