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Share Registry Details

Apiam Animal Health’s share register is managed by Boardroom Limited (Investor Serve).

Investor Serve provides a number of services which can be accessed online. When accessing some information online, you may be required to enter your Security Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) as shown on your Issuer Sponsored / CHESS statements and other personal details such as your postcode.

Boardroom Limited






How can I find out more information about my shares?

You can manage your investments online and access investor forms via

If you are unable to access the information you require online via the Investor Serve platform, please contact Boardroom Limited.

I want to buy or sell my Apiam Animal Health shares. How can I do this?

If you wish to trade securities and shares on the Australian Stock Market, you will need to contact a licensed stockbroker or online broker to arrange the transaction.

There are many broking providers that you may choose from, most of whom can be found in the Yellow Pages or on the ASX website.

If your securities are broker sponsored and you are wishing to make a trade on those securities you must contact the sponsoring broker.

How do I elect to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Program and/or amend my existing participation?

Log into your Investor Serve account and change your preference online by completing a ‘new election form’.

I have a query regarding my dividends. What should I do?

For dividend enquiries, please liaise direct with Boardroom Limited

I have an investor related question, who should I contact?

For investor queries, please contact

Shareholder Communication

Shareholders can choose to receive documents relating to their shareholding – such as dividend statements, the company’s annual report, or notice of meeting – electronically or in paper copy.

To do this, simply go to and follow the prompts, or contact BoardRoom Share Registry using the details below.

When you update your election details you will need your Security Reference Number (SRN) or your Holder Information Number (HIN) and oyur postcode. Both numbers are on your Issuer Sponsored/CHESS statements.

Important information relating to notices of meeting and annual reports.

Notices of meetings

Following the passing of the Corporations Amendment (Meetings and Documents) Act 2022 in February 2022, Apiam Animal Health will now issue notices of annual and general meetings electronically, where a shareholder has provided a valid email address or has not made an election, unless the shareholder has elected to receive a paper copy of those documents.

If you wish to receive paper copies of notices of meetings, please update your preferences at or contact BoardRoom Share Registry using the details below. Alternatively, if you currently receive paper copies of notices and would prefer to receive them electronically, you can also update your preferences using the same process.

Annual Reports

Shareholders can also elect not to receive an annual report. If you choose not to receive an annual report you can access it on our website at

BoardRoom Share Registry Contact Information

By mail
BoardRoom Pty Limited
GPO Box 3993
Sydney NSW 2001 Australia

By fax
+61 2 9290 9655


By phone
(Within Australia) 1300 737 760
(Outside Australia) +61 2 9290 9600