Kickstart your Vet Career at Cox Street Vets, Hamilton

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Are you about to graduate as a vet?

But not sure where you want to take your career?

It’s time to kickstart your veterinary career with us…like Dr Sally did!

Meet Dr Sally…

Sally has worked with us at Cox Street Vets since graduating 3 years ago.

AND she has just resigned!

AND we couldn’t be prouder!

She’s accepted her dream job of a Wildlife and Research Residency based at a Zoo Veterinary Department.


Why are we so proud (and so excited about our valued vet leaving)?


It’s because at Cox St Vets we have been able to support and develop her in a way that has set her up for this opportunity.  The combination of her initiative and passion to go after these opportunities, with us as her workplace to support her, is incredible.


Opportunities like volunteering with the South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Annual Count. The chance to work with the Eastern Barred Bandicoot population in the community parklands. Working with our local carers on a variety of injured bird and wildlife cases.


Here’s what Sally has to say…

During my time at Cox Street I have been very well supported both during and after hours, and have always been encouraged to follow my interests. I have loved the varied case load and being a part of this team. 


Now don’t get me wrong! We are first and foremost a companion animal clinic.

Working with us does not mean a career in wildlife.

What it does mean is a supportive and team focused work environment, where you get to hone your companion animal veterinary skills, and we help you follow your dreams – whatever they may be.


So if you are finishing up at uni, or maybe you have been working somewhere for a while and are looking for a change and would embrace this supportive environment in a predominantly companion animal role, please contact Dr Leisa Denaro ( We can’t wait to see what we can help you achieve!


Added bonus – we are in a very beautiful part of the world. You too could start your day with a sunrise like this!


Location: Hamilton VIC

Contact  Leisa Denaro Ph 0437 293 046 or  email

Applications, including Cover Letter and CV, should be directed to

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