Calling All Vets

Apiam Animal Health is offering vets, with 12 months+ experience, referred by a current Apiam staff member, or that apply direct to Apiam, the ultimate professional development opportunity.

An all expenses paid trip to The Western Veterinary Conference 2023 in Las Vegas including conference and workshop registration, airfares, transfers, meals and accommodation!

To qualify vets must accept an on-going position at an Apiam Vet Clinic in October and November 2022 and commence prior to 15 January 2023!*

Plus, if a current Apiam team member (eg vet, nurse, receptionist) was part of the process of introducing you to Apiam, they will also be rewarded and join you on this unique opportunity!

Get to know your new team members and embrace the fantastic people-first Apiam culture in Vegas!

WVC annual conference is one of the largest veterinary conferences and industry trade shows in North America and provides a unique opportunity for CE through 4 days of education via industry seminars, workshops, learning lounges and hands-on labs with streams for those working in the veterinary industry including Vets, Vet Nurses, Practice Managers and Technicians.

Get in Touch and you could be on your way to Vegas!

Sound too good to miss? It is.

Apiam Animal Health offers a range of veterinary roles that allow you to choose a location that suits your lifestyle (inland rivers, beaches, alpine regions and outback Australia) and an employment type to meet your changing life commitments.

Plus a wide array of benefits designed to maximise your professional development, enjoyment, well-being and lifestyle!

  • To qualify to receive the all expenses paid trip to WVC 2023 you must apply and accept a position at Apiam between 1 October and 30 November 2022 and commence an ongoing veterinary position (permanent or fixed term of 12+ months) minimum 0.5FTE at an Apiam clinic no later than 15 January 2023. Only vets with on year+ experience qualify. Only vets referred by a current Apiam staff member or who apply directly to Apiam qualify.