Livestock Logic certified by Paraboss QA Program

The Livestock Logic’s Parasitology laboratory Worm Egg Count (WEC) staff participate annually in the Paraboss WEC Quality Assurance program.

This program sends samples that have a known Eggs Per Gram of faeces and this tests both the methods of preparation of the samples, and the accuracy of the staff who read counts and provide results.

The program is Australia wide with many different labs participating.

Paraboss has provided the overall results from the 2022 round of Quality Assurance program, the results were:

  • 43 businesses submitted data from 109 operators
  • 18 businesses have been certified
  • 5 businesses will not be certified this round as their issues were significant
  • 20 businesses have been assessed as provisional due to some issues with their results, but are being provided the opportunity to respond in order to certify them

We are very proud to say that once again the Lab Staff at Livestock Logic were one of the 18 labs who passed with flying colours

Well done to all involved – with special mention to Bonnie Beall, who also passed the Paraboss certificate in sheep Parasite Management and now will be listed as an advisor on the Paraboss website!

Another great example of Apiam employees going above and beyond for the benefit of clients.