Welcome to Fur Life Vet Albury


Fur Life Vet Albury is an award-winning animal hospital, with a full range of services and support for all kinds of pets.

Our small, friendly and highly experienced team works collaboratively to problem solve for your pet, in order to provide the highest standard of care in the region.

Long consultation times allow us to connect with pet owners through clear and thorough communication, so that you can always feel informed and in control.

Our clinic is well-equipped with an in-house laboratory, full X-ray and ultrasound facilities, ultramodern surgical theatre, and advanced monitoring equipment.

Reducing anxiety and stress is our priority, and all animals are handled gently and with respect.

Our Services


Preventative Care & Consultations

Preventative care and advice
Parasite control
Skin disease
Lumps and bumps
Cardiac and respiratory disease
Bowel disease
Musculoskeletal problems
Puppy/kitten check-ups and advice
Exotic pet & avian health checks
Behaviour problems
Dental examinations


Puppy School

Puppy school is very much about teaching both puppies and owners to understand each other, and build a harmonious and rewarding relationship built on trust. Some of the concepts we will cover in the four weeks of school include;

  • Basic principles of clicker training
  • The importance of socialisation
  • Use of treats and other rewards
  • Simple cues – sit, look
  • Loose leash walking
  • House training
  • Confinement training
  • Name attention and recall training
  • Handling and restraint
  • Troubleshooting behaviours like chewing and play biting

Diagnostics and Surgery

Pet dentals
Complex surgery
Routine surgery

For expanded details on our services visit the Apiam Animal Health main site.

Our Location

Fur Life Vet Albury

Fur Life Vet Albury

383 Townsend Street South Albury

02 6046 9846


Monday - Friday
8.00 am to 6.00 pm
9.00 am to 12:00 pm
Sunday & Public Holidays