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Welcome to Apiam Livestock Logic, your premier destination for large animal veterinary care and parasitology laboratory services in Hamilton, Victoria.

Our clinic provides top-notch healthcare solutions for a wide range of livestock, including sheep, cattle, horses, goats, and more.

With a team of experienced veterinarians, extensive laboratory facilities, cutting-edge research capabilities, and a commitment to on-farm trial work of new and existing products plus farmer education, we are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of your livestock.

Whether you require routine check-ups and pregnancy testing, advanced diagnostics or disease prevention, we are here to provide comprehensive and professional care for your valuable animals.

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Worm Logic

Worm Logic is a nation-wide, parasitological laboratory providing comprehensive diagnostic services for production and companion animals. We provide diagnostic services – such as worm egg counts (WECs), larval cultures, drench resistance tests and fluke tests for producers and veterinarians, with a modern laboratory boasting state-of-the art facilities and equipment.

We have the largest private collection of drench resistance data in Australia and analyse faecal samples for producers, drug companies, researchers, rural stores and veterinarians across Australia.

We objectively measure the parasite burden in your livestock by analysing the faeces using microscopy techniques.

We are accredited with the Department of Agriculture, WA for Fluke testing on stock being exported to WA, and we participate in yearly quality assurance checks to ensure we deliver consistent and accurate results consistent with industry guidelines.

Testing Services

At Livestock Logic, we conduct a range of testing on cattle (beef and dairy), sheep, horses, alpacas, pigs, chickens, goats, dogs and cats! This testing includes:

  • Worm Egg Counts (WECs)
  • Liver Fluke Tests
  • Larval Cultures and Identifications
  • Drench Efficacy Testing
  • Coccidia
  • Lungworm
  • Testing EBV’s
Why Worm Test?

Parasite testing allows you to monitor livestock production by checking for clinical and sub-clinical diseases that may be hampering growth rates or production. Regular monitoring of livestock can reduce drenching frequency and delay the onset of resistance as you are not “blanket drenching’ your herd of flock, but drenching only when worm egg counts reach a threshold level.

he threshold or drench trigger levels vary throughout the year according to seasonal influences and stock type, age, condition and pasture availability. At Livestock Logic, we objectively analyse the sample, and give free veterinary interpretation of the results! This helps you make informed management decisions! As well as monitoring for the physical appearance of parasite eggs in the faeces, we can test your drench efficacy by conducting a drench resistance test. A drench resistance test is an extremely valuable tool that identifies the most suitable classes of drenches to use on your property.

After we set up the trial on your property, conduct the worm egg counts, and culture and identify the worm species present, we will put together a three year drench program that is specific for your property. Combined with this package are free phone consultations and a yearly meeting to discuss progress. Combined with frequent monitoring throughout the year, conducting a drench resistance test allows you to select the most effective drench(s) for use on your farm and will ensure you maximise your livestock’s productivity, health and performance!

You can conduct individual worm egg counts on sires – this allows you to select sires for worm resistance.

Worm Logic offers a cost effective and rapid testing service backed by 30 + years of servicing the industry and a combined 90+ years industry knowledge and experience. We don’t just test your sample – we provide phone and farm support by qualified veterinarians and interpretation of the results to help you make informed stock management decisions.


The results of your WEC analysis are collated and formatted into a pdf document which can be sent to you via email. Alternatively, we can call you to discuss your results if required. Just specify this on your submission form. Combined with the results are veterinary comments and drench trigger levels to help you make an informed decision. We keep results on file for up to 12 months so if you lose your results please call or email and we can send you out another copy.

How to Start Testing?

Worm Logic collecting kits can be picked up from our office or can be sent out to you by post. Please call our office on (03) 5572 1419 and we will send you some kits! We also have a reply paid service available to use with this service and our Feed Logic service.

Livestock Logic
60 Portland Rd,
Hamilton VIC 3300

Ph: (03) 5572 1419
Fax: (03) 5572 1311
Email: admin@livestocklogic.com.au

Please call or email today and we will send out some collecting kits, together with a reply paid envelope.

Our kits contain plastic zip-lock bags to place the faecal sample(s) in, a submission form that is easy to fill in, and some easy to follow instructions on how to collect your sample.

Tips for Collecting & Posting Samples

When collecting your sample, follow the information provided inside your collecting kit. These instructions have been written to ensure that you collect the most representative sample possible that will be in the best possible condition when it arrives at our laboratory.

After collecting your sample, try to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible before sealing to preserve the sample. It is preferred the sample is express posted as soon as possible, and that a cooler brick is included to keep it cool.

Remember to fill out the submission form with as much information as possible. Please click here to view what information needs to be completed. The information you provide with your sample(s) will help us with the free interpretation of results that comes with each test. Please write on the forms clearly and legibly and return with your sample(s).

Remember more than one sample can be posted in the Reply Paid bags.

To reduce the chance of sample spoilage, aim to post samples to us early in the week to avoid samples sitting in the post over the weekend. If you are unsure, please give us a call in the office.

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