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Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital has been providing exceptional veterinary care to the Samford community and beyond for over 40 years. Our team of experienced veterinarians and qualified veterinary nurses are passionate about animal welfare and dedicated to providing compassionate care to all animals. We offer comprehensive in-house and ambulatory services for both routine and emergency veterinary care.

Our team of veterinarians is readily available to perform all necessary procedures during urgent and emergency situations. We are proud to continue the legacy of the late Dr. Brian Sheahan, who started this practice with a vision to provide high-quality veterinary care to the community.

Our purpose at Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital is to enrich the lives of animals, people, and communities. We believe in each other, embrace opportunities and growth, celebrate our achievements, and lead with integrity. These values define everything we do and serve to lead us towards our vision of healthy animals and happy people.


  • Unlimited FREE Consultations. Never pay a consult fee, only pay for your discounted medication if required/
  • Membership includes a Dental Scale and Polish plus Dental Chart OR Spey or Castrate.
  • Membership includes your dogs annual or triannual vaccination OR your cat’s vaccinations tricat, ducat and FIV as required.
  • Your membership includes a 10-part Health Screen and SDMA Test.
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  • 15% Discount applied on the purchase of parasite control products including the Proheart SR12 injection.
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  • 20% Discount on Grooming for all members.
  • Unlimited FREE nail trims.


  • 1 x Dental (including sedation)
  • 1 x Hendra Vaccination
  • 1 x Tetanus & Strangles Vaccination
  • 1 x Sheath Clean
  • 2 x Faecal Egg Counts
  • 1 x Equine Health Check
  • $250 OFF any after hours visit
  • 10% OFF all services
  • 10% OFF over the counter equine products
  • 10km Discount off travel
  • 20% OFF Second Dental if needed

The complete wellness plan for your horse!

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Equine Services


Good anaesthesia is a key component to safe and effective surgery.  The horse must be maintained at the correct anaethetic depth to allow them to be pain free during procedures, while keeping the animal’s vital functions at safe levels. Our staff are all well trained in anaesthetic monitoring. 

Diagnostics – Ultrasound

The use of ultrasound technology is an essential diagnostic tool for the equine veterinarian. Our vets can also use ultrasound to look at tendons, ligaments, chests, abdomens and other soft tissues of the body.  There are very few limitations to the use of ultrasound although it can only visualise the surface of bone and is not suitable for deeper boney structures in which evaluation should be supported with the use of radiographs (X-rays).

Tendon and ligament injuries in the limbs of competitive horses are, unfortunately, very common. It is true that many owners and trainers of performance horses have regarded injuries to these structures as more threatening to an equine athlete’s future career than fractures. Ultrasound is an important diagnostic tool for evaluation of the distal limb in many lameness cases.

Equine Internal Medicine Specialist Evaluation

Equine Internal Medicine Specialists diagnose and treat complex diseases and chronic disorders in horses. They are highly experienced in neurologic, respiratory, cardiac, ophthalmologic, gastrointestinal, muscular, infectious, hematologic, renal, and endocrine diseases and disorders. Equine Internal Medicine Specialists can also recommend and interpret testing that might not be routinely offered by general practitioners.

At Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital, we have Dr Rachel Tan who is a registered veterinary specialist in Large Animal Internal Medicine. Her special interests are endocrine, respiratory and neurological disease. Dr Tan can provide specialist consultation and collaboration for owners requesting a second opinion or evaluation by a specialist.

Surgical – Soft Tissue Surgery

Our team has the experience to undertake routine equine field surgery. Some common equine field surgeries include castration, tumour removal and wound repair.

Diagnostics – Digital Radiography

Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital offers state-of-the-art high resolution digital radiographic (x-ray) technology for our clients. With digital x-rays, we can provide faster and more accurate diagnostics, leading to enhanced treatment outcomes.

This non-invasive imaging technique helps us identify and evaluate injuries, lameness, fractures, and other conditions with precision.

Equine Dentistry

Your horse’s teeth can often be overlooked when it comes to horse care. Sharp teeth can be a source of pain and in turn lead to a difficulty in eating and loss of weight. Sharp teeth can also lead to a reluctance to accept the bit and cause a horse to misbehave whilst being ridden.A general rule is to have them checked annually unless you have been advised otherwise, with some horses requiring 3 to 6 monthly assessments.

Equine dentistry is a rapidly expanding area of horse care.  There are many different people offering this care. In Queensland equine dentistry is not restricted to vets only. However, the use of sedatives and pain relief is restricted by law to veterinary surgeons only. Further to this, insured horses are not normally covered for any accidental damage sustained whilst having teeth done by dentists who are not veterinary surgeons.

At Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital we are able to provide a full range of dental services for horses, including extractions, with access to specialists for even the most advanced procedures. Our equipment includes a “Powerfloat” which is the latest in motorised dental tools. Such equipment is designed to improve the efficiency of equine dentistry and correct problems without prolonging the time your horse needs to stand with its mouth open.


Equine reproductive services require specialized equipment and trained staff to provide the best possible care for your horse. The services we offer include infertility diagnosis, subfertility investigation, promotion of fertility, pregnancy management, management of birth, and artificial breeding. Ultrasound tracking of reproductive cycles is a core component of management with natural covering, artificial inseminiation (AI) using chilled or frozen semen (semen storage available) available.

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For expanded details on our services visit the Apiam Animal Health main site.

Our Team

Dr. Georgia Gurney

BVSc(Hons) MANZCVS(Eq Dentistry)


Dr. Leigh Hanlon



Dr. Frances Busfield

BSc(Hons) BVMS PhD


Dr. Tempe Ferris

BAppSc BVSc(Hons)


Dr. Ciaran Masters



Dr. Rachel Tan



Dr. Dominic Johnson



Dr. Robert Wilkinson



Dr. Michelle Williams


Dr. Brigitte Roos



Dr. Stacey Wall


Dr. Jane Hume


Dr. Natalie Maticka


Dr. Kelsey Tsang


Our Location

Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital

Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital

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