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Thinking of selling your practice?

Apiam Animal Health is always on the look-out for established veterinary practices, who share our values and collaborative culture, to join our team of animal care and business professionals.

Transitioning to a larger veterinary group is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, which is why we strive to ensure the transition to Apiam is seamless.

We offer a flexible approach to our partnerships and will facilitate an integration process that meets both our needs and on a timeframe that ensures there is minimal disruption to the practice and your services. Apiam are committed to provide the highest standards of care, achieved through a collaborative culture.

Our partnership model empowers our practices to focus on the front line of veterinary and support services, whilst adding opportunities and benefits only achieved by working together as a group.

Apiam is a company that is focused on the development of our people, both professionally and personally. It is this priority that ensures that we provide the highest standards of care and leads to the best opportunity for the company to meet our strategic goals.

As an Australian company, predominantly owned and operated by Australian veterinarians, we appreciate the commitment and effort required to build a veterinary business and make it successful. If you are considering continuing your career by joining a larger veterinary group or planning for succession, the experienced team at Apiam can guide you through the process, with the highest level of confidentiality and understanding for this significant transaction.

Benefits of Partnering with Apiam

Business Support Network

Our Business Support Network will provide you with the centralised services that are critical to the smooth running of your practise including finance, payroll, people management, recruitment, information technology and marketing.

We understand that your priority and passion is to deliver the best possible experience to your patients and that’s why our Support Office teams are there to help you with these other important tasks.

Keep your local identity

Your practise will retain its local identity with your new service brands elevated to assist in the growth of your business and alignment to the objectives of the Apiam team.

We respect and value the reputation that you have developed with your community and believe that keeping your practice name is important. We also retain your practice team who will play an important role in the alignment to the Apiam strategy and future success of the practise.

Veterinary Excellence

Apiam clinics are equipped with the latest technology to provide the high standards of care expected today. We have rolled out several CT machines and we are continuously improving and upgrading our diagnostic capabilities. Equipment such as hoof trimming trailers and portable stocks for equine work ensure work-place safety and efficiency for our employees. Our emergency after- hours is managed by our own nationwide triage service which is staffed by a team of qualified nurses greatly reducing the stress of after-hours work. Many of our vets have a special interest and have further qualifications across specialist areas.

We have vets with advanced skills in surgery, medicine across species, cardiology, behaviour, emergency medicine, sheep consultancy, AI/ET sheep and cattle, surgery and reproduction and nutrition. We have our own diagnostic laboratory, 2 feed analysis laboratories and a dedicated worm egg count laboratory to support our production sector. Our ProDairy and Best Mates programs are designed to proactively manage animal health and welfare across dairy farms and companion animals.


We are focused on developing our people and providing a pathway for every one of our team to develop both professionally and personally. From our highly recognised Graduate Development Program, dedicated mentors, and continuing educational opportunities, our employees can shape their future whether they continue their veterinary skills or leadership pathway or transition to management and consultancy roles.

Our Vet Services Advisory Committee (VSAC) and Vet Nurses Advisory Committee (VNAC) harness the collective expertise across our community to help shape programs that ensure each member of the Apiam team is provided the resources to always deliver the best standard of care and service.

Employee Value Proposition and Wellness Support

Apiam Animal Health’s employees enjoy a broad range of employee benefits including ongoing training and professional development opportunities, practice and employee award initiatives, flexible working opportunities, paid parental leave and paid volunteer leave.

We also pay AVA and other professional association memberships for our team. Our Company Reward Day provides employees with the opportunity to even have ‘a day off on us’ recognising their efforts so they can take another day of leave to celebrate their Birthday or other special occasion.

Apiam employees also get access to a range of discounts on medical insurance, gym memberships, optical care and heaps of other great offers.


The Process

All enquiries are made in absolute confidence. The process of assessing the suitability by both parties of a potential transaction can be an emotional journey for vendors. Our commitment is that all discussions are confidential and that work closely with the practice owners and their advisors to ensure that we can discretely receive the information required without disruption to the clinic operations.

1. Initial Catch Up

Our first meeting will typically be held either in person or via teleconference between one or more of the practice owners and one of our Regional Manager or Business Leads.

These people, who are all ex-owners or practice managers have all come through this same process that you will be undertaking. We will have a general discussion, particularly around people and culture within the practice, and you will be asked to supply key paperwork.

The types of documents and information we usually need are:

  • Last 3 years of normalised profit & loss statements
  • Last 3 years of tax returns
  • Details of legal entities that provide the services
  • Organisational structure and Key People payroll details
  • High level redacted sales by customer and sales by products
  • Pictures and details of your practice
  • Owners future intentions – grow business, transition to retirement, succession plan.
2. Talking Shares and Money

Once we have all the documents we need and have spoken with you to establish a better understanding of your future goals and aspirations for the practice, we’ll prove a valuation of your business and suggest a price.

We will also discuss your desire to retain equity in the Apiam vet business, all which is possible.

Once pricing is agreed, we move onto finalising other important documents which contain key terms and clearly outline expectations of each party.

We may also undertake further due diligence examinations on larger transactions or where practice performance varies from our expectations.

3. A Smooth Transition Period

We make sure there is adequate time in the process for pre-settlement planning, so that the journey towards settlement is smooth for you, your team and your clients.

Expect a few onsite visits from members of the support team, a collaborative approach to any unexpected issues that may arise and finally a big welcome from the rest of the Apiam family.

From the time of our first meeting through to the transition, the process can be as quick as six to eight weeks, with a staged approach to systems required to be used by Apiam clinics.

4. Early Days on Team Apiam

From the front end, not much changes with your team, although following education and training on our service programs, we may spruce up the joint and elevate our service brands.

You will get a touch of the ‘Apiam Teal’.

Most of the change is behind the scenes. Going forward, we’ll take care of the business support services while you focus on your patients in the clinics and clients and their animals in the field.

Together we will further develop your people, maybe bring in some new toys, grow your business and help you to meet your professional and personal goals.

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