Veterinarian for Mixed Clinic with Dairy Focus – Kyabram, Vic

Career Opportunity, Mixed Practice, Production Animal

Kyabram Veterinary Clinic is seeking an experienced mixed practice vet, ideally with a dairy focus, to join our phenomenal team. Our only requirement is a healthy amount of team spirit and a love of a beverage and french onion dip on a Thursday after work!

“I was never sold on corporate vet clinics until I locumed at Kyabram. It felt like it still retained a lot of it’s original identity whilst having the perks of a corporate structure. It is also the best clinic I have worked at in terms of team culture-no individual is left alone. Here as a developing vet I have been encouraged and offered opportunities further my career especially in dairy consulting and leadership within the clinic.”  Dr Katrina Martin, Senior Veterinarian


Other perks include:

  • Great culture and a focus on work life balance: 9 day fortnight with a roster magically worked so you get at least one long weekend every 6 weeks
  • Excellent location: 2 hours from Melbourne airport with great areas like the Murray, Golburn and King Valleys within arms reach
  • 1-in-6 first on call roster
  • Support and back up during the busy period and for those tricky cases both at clinic and company level.
  • Work purpose vehicle
  • Well designed and new clinic with designated small and large animal areas.
  • All the usual bells and whistles: BCF curvilinear scanner, bull testing gear, on-site cattle crush under light and undercover, portable X-ray and blood gas machine, in house Idexx, mastitis and MUC testing.
  • Great clients base with still many family run farms.
  • Opportunity to engage in local business network meetings as well as DA run programs such as Health Hooves etc
  • AVA membership, VSB registration plus subscription to VIN, Plumbs and other online libraries
  • Encouragement to develop area of interest and time given to do so.
  • Leadership opportunities both at clinic and regional level.
  • No requirement to live within 15 minutes of the clinic
  • We offer: upwards of $120,000 for a vet with a min of 8-10 years’ experience and with a vision to further develop our dairy services.

Location: Kyabram, VIC

Please get in touch with either of our senior vets Serena Moore ( or Katrina Martin ( for a chat.  

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Leisa Denaro

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