Apiam Equine Services provides comprehensive equine care across our network of dedicated equine and mixed-practice clinics.

Apiam Equine Services offers a diverse range of services to meet the needs of horse owners and enthusiasts from the family pony, to racehorses, equine athletes and stud farms.

Our knowledgeable teams possess extensive experience in equine reproduction, surgery, foal and neonatal care, ambulatory and emergency services, advanced diagnostics, and internal medicine.

With a steadfast commitment to the health and well-being of your horses, Apiam Equine Services delivers exceptional veterinary care via our experienced teams and purpose built equine hospitals.

Apiam Equine Services are provided by our purpose built dedicated Equine Clinics across Victoria, NSW and Queensland and via our network of mixed-practice clinics.


Ambulatory Services

Our veterinarians are available for consultations and minor surgical procedures at client’s properties, including routine consultations, dentistry, wound repair, castrations, vaccination, microchipping and initial investigations into medical or orthopaedic disorders.


Equine Dentals

Equine dental services performed by experienced veterinarians with Powerfloat for optimum assessment, diagnosis and treatment including sedation and pain relief as required.


Gastroscopy and Endoscopy

State of the art diagnostics for assessment of upper respiratory conditions and inflammatory conditions. Gastroscopy for assessment of gastric ulcers.



Artificial Insemination

Semen Collection

Embryo Transfer

Breeding / Stud Farm Packages


Lameness Examinations

Comprehensive lameness examinations with diagnostic imaging via radiology and ultrasound.


Foal Neonatal

Several of our dedicated equine clinics provide comprehensive neonatal medicine and intensive care treating foals suffering from septicaemia, neonatal maladjustment and other gastrointestinal and urogenital issues.


Equine Surgery

Several of Apiam’s dedicated Equine Clinics provide fully equipped surgical facilities catering for elective and emergency surgeries, including arthroscopic surgery, laparoscopic procedures, upper respiratory tract surgery, fracture repair and colic surgery.


Internal Medicine

Internal medicine cases (abdominal and thoracic disorders, cardiac disease, skin disease, ophthalmic problems) are common disorders evaluated at the hospital. Specific examples of diseases are colics, weight loss cases, horses with diarrhoea, horses with pneumonia or respiratory allergies and eye injuries.



Our dedicated equine and mixed-practice clinics provide in-house diagnostics supported by Apiam’s ACE Laboratory Services.

Our purpose built equine clinics provide a range of digital diagnostic equipment including radiography and ultrasonography.

Equine Locations