Our sheep consulting services business, Livestock Logic, in addition to our mixed practice veterinary clinics have vets with experience and interest in sheep medicine, surgery and flock management.

Our sheep services range from obstetrics, pre and post lambing disease in ewes, advice on parasite control, fertility and nutritional advice.

Prevention of disease is more effective than cure! We advise that sheep flocks and hobby farmers routinely look at faecal egg counts as a way of determining whether drenching is necessary.

Our dedicated laboratory, Worm Logic provides faecal sample analysis ensuring fast and accurate assessments for our clients nationally.

Worm Logic is a nation-wide, parasitological laboratory providing comprehensive diagnostic services for production and companion animals. We provide diagnostic services – such as worm egg counts (WECs), larval cultures, drench resistance tests and fluke tests for producers and veterinarians, with a modern laboratory boasting state-of-the art facilities and equipment.

We have the largest private collection of drench resistance data in Australia and analyse faecal samples for producers, drug companies, researchers, rural stores and veterinarians across Australia.

We objectively measure the parasite burden in your livestock by analysing the faeces using microscopy techniques.

We are accredited with the Department of Agriculture, WA for Fluke testing on stock being exported to WA, and we participate in yearly quality assurance checks to ensure we deliver consistent and accurate results consistent with industry guidelines.

Testing Services

At Livestock Logic, we conduct a range of testing on cattle (beef and dairy), sheep, horses, alpacas, pigs, chickens, goats, dogs and cats! This testing includes:

  • Worm Egg Counts (WECs)
  • Liver Fluke Tests
  • Larval Cultures and Identifications
  • Drench Efficacy Testing

Ambulatory Services

Our veterinarian team offer a comprehensive range of services from flock health through to ambulatory emergency services.


Pre and Post Lambing Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of pre and post lambing diseases in ewes including pregnancy toxaemia and nutritional deficiencies.



Our veterinarians are experienced in lambings, caesarean sections and prolapse treatment for sheep.



Ewe fertility. Pre-joining examinations of rams and ram fertility. Ram vasectomy for teaser use.


Parasite Control

Faecal egg counts. Advice on parasite control and management, pasture management and parasite resistance.


Disease Prevention

Diagnosis and treatment of sick sheep on an individual and flock basis. Lamb morbidity and mortality causes in conjunction with the DPI.



In-house diagnostics are supported by our diagnostic laboratory services and Worm Logic, our parasitological laboratory providing comprehensive diagnostic services with dedicated services across sheep.


Nutritional Advice

Nutritional advice for optimum production performance. Prevention and treatment of nutritional conditions, i.e. Rye Grass Staggers, Grain Overload. Trace elements, mineral deficiencies and toxicities. Our feed testing lab, Feed Logic, works with farmers to ensure feed is optimum.