Swine & Poultry Services

The experienced Apiam Swine & Poultry team provide a quality service to clients year-round.

From guidance and advice provided over the phone or via email to dedicated on-farm consultations. Our team is committed to improving animal welfare and farm biosecurity ensuring positive production outcomes.

Our ProSwine Team look after some of Australia’s leading pork suppliers by provision of professional veterinary services, innovative technology, research and development, competitive products, advanced diagnostics and customised vaccines.

Our ProSwine team is passionate about the Australian pork industry.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of veterinary service, diagnostics and technology.

Together with the ProSwine team, our vets can ensure consistent and timely delivery of professional veterinary services for both routine and investigative visits as well as audits and industry compliance planning.

ProSwine Logo

Promoting Pig Health, Welfare and Production.

Our ProSwine team is passionate about the Australian Pork industry. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of veterinary service, diagnostics and technology.

We provide veterinary consultancy, production consultancy and analysis, training and professional development, technological innovation and research and development to the Australian Pig industry.

The team is dedicated to Australian Pig Producers and committed to optimising sustainable production and enterprise outcomes.

This is achieved through a combination of services including:

  • Working with clients to identify their businesses key objectives and assisting in implementing strategic plans to achieve these objectives.
  • On-site visits & investigative and analytical services in the review of specific health, production and performance parameters.
  • Provision of piggery compliance expertise and related documentation in the areas of animal health, welfare, quality assurance and pharmaceutical use.
  • Delivery of tailored training to optimise skillsets.
  • Interaction with Australian and international experts in animal health, production, nutrition, new technologies.
  • Ancillary production services ranging from boar stud evaluation to pregnancy testing.

Our Services


Herd Health Evaluations

Our veterinary team offer a comprehensive range of herd health services.


Abattoir Inspections

We investigate and observe pigs to understand underlying issues.



We will co-ordinate and undertake all necessary diagnostics to prevent and manage disease.



We offer Biosecurity assessments as a critical part of herd health.


APIQ Internal Audits

We can support your APIQ requirements.


Disease Elimination

Eliminating disease using strategic mediation or partial or full depopulation.


Record Analysis & Benchmarking

Using specialised software solutions we offer data analysis, predictive modelling and benchmarking capabilities for clients.


Reproductive & Farrowing Consultations

Our programs support each step of the production system for optimum outcomes.

Pork Storks Australia

Quality semen direct from centre to farm, Pork Storks Australia is the leader in pig semen processing and delivery systems in Australia. Established in 2004, Pork Storks Australia operate a state-of-the-art semen processing facility.

Pork Storks Australia was established to provide Australian pig producers similar levels of technologies to those that are available in the USA and Europe in assisted reproduction.

The Pork Storks system has been specifically designed to minimise those risk factors that are known to reduce fertility, as well as optimise technologies that are known to improve boar fertility and semen integrity.

Servicing Gene Transfer Centres located in Victoria and Queensland, Pork Storks operate a network of temperature-controlled vehicles that deliver high quality semen direct from the centres to farm gate in the pig breeding regions of Australia.

Pork Storks Australia exclusively provides services for leading genetics company PIC Australia.